I believe photos are the starting point for stories and that they should be protected and cherished. When your computer crashes or you have a flood, what’s the first thing you think? If you answered, “What did I lose?,” I want to make sure the answer isn’t your photos.

Cherish Your Photos will digitize print photos and slides, organize them so you can find them wherever they are, back them up, and help you create photo books and displays to enjoy them. I will help record the stories that turn a picture into a memory. Whether you inherited a box from an older relative or have thousands on your phone and computer, you can’t fully enjoy your photos or share their stories if you can’t access them.

Cherish Your Photos LLC began in 2016 to help people in the Metro Detroit area organize and preserve their photos.  Owner Cheri Warnock is a librarian (MLIS, Wayne State University) and is working towards certification by the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO).

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