Add extended family photos to your collection

I have been taking pictures since high school, and have decades of pictures of my own.  Since I’ve been a photo organizer, I have added the photo collections of other relatives, which are making my collection so much more complete.  These photos complement mine, fill in gaps in the timeline, and add unique perspectives to the same events.

Unfortunately, I added my maternal grandparents’ photo collection to mine after they were both gone.  While there were lots of details on some of the pictures, others had no information to tell me when or where they were taken.  I did my best to add information to the collection I digitized from print photos and slides.

After some hints about getting my hands on his collection, my paternal uncle has given me access to his photos and slides.  I’m seeing photos I’ve never seen before of relatives from before I was born and myself and my cousins when I was a little kid.  I was up to my aunt’s wedding when I found a picture that made me exclaim out loud.


The photo on the right was in my grandmother’s collection, but I had no idea where she and her sister were in their groovy outfits.  When I got to this busy wedding reception photo on the left last week, I caught a glimpse of the same outfits in the background.  Why were my maternal grandmother and great-aunt at a wedding on my dad’s side? I never would have made the connection on my own.  Now I know the exact date and occasion for the photo that was a mystery in my collection before.

When you collect photos from different people, you see events through their lenses.  My mom may have been too tired to take pictures on Christmas Eve, but my uncle got me and my cousins singing Christmas carols.  I now have an image of me with my cousin on his Communion day, and I don’t know that I have any other photos of me in that pretty dress.  The main picture on this post is from a vacation I took with my cousins without my parents, and I’d never seen this photo.

Now is the time to start asking to see photos from the generation above you.  Digitize them, ask questions about them, and get a better understanding of your family and your younger self through their eyes.  You might be surprised at the fun photos you find!

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