Autumn is For New Beginnings

As the days turn cooler and it gets dark earlier, we start to turn our focus back indoors.  The gardens are done growing.  The pool is closed for the season.  It’s getting too dark out for an after-dinner bike ride.  What projects do you want to tackle indoors?

September is the ideal time to focus on organizing your photos for three big reasons:

Save Your Photos Month

September is designated as Save Your Photos Month (, a time to focus on protecting your photos.  The Association of Personal Photo Organizers and select sponsors are providing webinars and links to events to help you learn to organize and protect your pictures.  Recent flooding and fires have destroyed many belongings and photo organizers want to make sure your photos are never in that kind of danger.  Watch the Cherish Your Photos Facebook page for a daily photo organizing tip through the entire month of September.

Fresh start

While September is back-to-school time for kids, it also is a time to make a fresh start if you aren’t going to school.  With a mom who has a September birthday and a love of school supplies, September always meant new beginnings and stocking up on fresh crayons and markers, papers and notebooks, and any other fun organizational tools.  As a photo organizer, I’ve taken advantage of seasonal sales to buy index cards for sorting print photos, USB drives to store and share digital photos, and containers for temporary storage.  There are great deals on supplies you can use for more tasks than class work.

Prepare for holiday gifts

We are now about 100 days away from Christmas and less than three months until Hanukkah.  If you want to give a gift with meaning, now is the time to select, digitize, and create products with your photos.  Whether you make a photo book, frame a special photo, or create one of the myriad of products with photos on them, it takes time to make a photo gift.  Do it well before the holiday rush and know your gift will be completed on time and looking just how you want it.

Don’t think of autumn as the end of summer, but as the beginning of taking care of things in your home.  Make photo organizing a priority this year and relax knowing your photos are protected from future harm.  Having them easy to access and enjoy is a bonus!


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