Use a Professional or Do It Yourself?

I got a new logo this week!  As a small business owner, I try to do as much as I can for myself.  I am not exactly artistic, but I’ve learned to design posts with the help of computer software.  However, something as important as an image to represent my brand was too big for this amateur to tackle.  I trusted a graphic designer to bring my vision to reality.

There are many times you automatically turn to a professional for help.  If you need a doctor or attorney, you find one to do the work you cannot do for yourself.  You know that a level of training and certification is needed to perform certain tasks.

Then there are professionals you may go to right away, but others know enough about the subject to perform the task themselves.  Hairdressers, auto mechanics, plumbers and painters are all very useful for me to call when I need them.  On the other hand, I know people who do many of these things themselves with enough know-how to get the task done.

Another level of service professionals are available to help with knowledge, abilities and time you may not have yourself.  This can include photo organizers, home organizers, house cleaners and estate sale professionals.  We come in to help with things that overwhelm you.  We often have training and certification to handle large jobs that you keep putting aside.  We know the industry standards and accepted products to use and our experience makes us efficient at the tasks.

Are you ready to hire the person who can organize your print and digital photos, make sure your stories are preserved, and create photo books to treasure?  If you keep thinking you’ll get around to it sometime, it may be time to give the job to a professional.  Call Cherish Your Photos today!


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