Picture This Event

There are events where people take lots of photos, events where photos are displayed, and events where photo gifts are given.  While we are taking tons of everyday pictures now, the camera was often put away until a big occasion in the not-so-distant past.  For what events do you have your camera, photo display or photo gift on hand?

Taking Pictures

Most people have pictures from holidays, vacations, religious ceremonies, weddings, birthdays and graduations.  These big events are recorded by guests, professionals, or the people taking part.  When you go through your family’s historical photos, it is these occasions you are most likely to see.

Make sure your camera is charged with plenty of memory available before a big event.  Consider hiring a photographer (professional or amateur) to get posed and informal shots of the people in attendance.  You often have generations or old friends together in one place just a few times a year, if that.  Record these momentous days!


Displaying Pictures

When you have a large gathering of people, it has become popular to display photos for guests to look at.  You see photo boards, framed photos and unique ways to display the honoree.  At weddings, show pictures of the couple taken throughout their courtship.  Baby showers are a chance to show what the parents-to-be looked like when they were tots.  Graduation parties allow families to highlight twelve years of schooling and activities.  Finally, funerals and celebrations of life call for a lifetime of photos to honor the reason you’re gathered together.


Photo Gifts

My last blog post (https://cherishyourphotos.wordpress.com/2017/03/23/you-put-a-photo-on-what/) pointed out the vast array of gifts you can now purchase that incorporate photos.  Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, milestone birthdays, and anniversaries are all occasions where one photo, old or new, can personalize a gift for the recipient.  Even framing one special photo can mean so much.

Photo books are the ultimate photo gift and take the most time to put together.  What better way to honor achievements, longevity, or a special event than by gathering up years of photos and telling their story in a book to be treasured forever?  A photo organizer can help you create a special photo book if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

As your next big event approaches, consider all the ways you can use photos to make the event even more special.



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