You Put a Photo on What?

Advances in technology have made it possible to customize just about everything in your life.  Once you have all your pictures in digital form, there are hundreds of places you can send these photos to incorporate into different products.  With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day not too far away, what fun gifts will you create?


In addition to enlarging photos and putting them in frames, you can print photos onto canvas, metal, and other material to display on walls and shelves.


If you’re like me and obsessed with paper supplies, you can get pictures put on stickers, notepads, magnets, puzzles, gift wrap and more.

Photo on coffee mug

Around the house

Are you tired of only seeing your pictures on flat surfaces?  Enjoy your favorite photos on coffee mugs, shower curtains, pillows, blankets, coasters, and ornaments!


You’ve probably seen t-shirts with photos on them, but you can also show your loved one’s smile on ties, jewelry, aprons and other items you wear.

And more

Still looking for ideas?  How about phone cases, playing cards, or tote bags?

There’s bound to be something that will be just the right gift (for you or for someone else).  Watch daily deal sites like Groupon or LivingSocial or sign up at one or more of the large photo gift sites for e-mailed sales and coupon codes.  Allow plenty of time for shipping before the big day.  Keep looking for new ways to Cherish Your Photos!


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