It’s Okay to Toss the Photo


It’s well-known that we are taking more pictures than ever before.  While I took four photos on a day trip to Frankenmuth with an out-of-town friend and her cute little girl in 1993, I take that many pictures of my cats before breakfast today.

When you’re organizing and digitizing your pictures, consider their importance.  Do you really care about the picture right now?  Does anyone else care?  Will anyone else care after you’re gone?

For older pictures:

  • Is the picture too blurry, dark or far away to really see what the subject is?
  • Can you get a picture of that zoo animal/historical place/tourist attraction online?
  • Do you even remember the name of your aunt’s dog?

For modern, digital-first pictures:

  • Of the 10 photos you took of your dinner that day, does one stand out as a favorite?
  • If it’s a bad photo (blurry, eyes closed, etc.), are there others from that day that are better?
  • Did you just take the photo to remind yourself where you parked or product details in a store?

By all means, please keep important photos to tell your story.  But know that it’s okay to let go of those that don’t.  You can’t possibly keep every picture you’ve ever taken, and it’s harder to enjoy beloved photos when you have to flip past irrelevant ones.  A Personal Photo Organizer can help you make the tough decisions.


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